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It took me Five years and Two attempts to finally get to build a website. The culmination is what you can see before you. Why, you might ask, would it take 5 years to build a basic website with practically no elements or special functions?

Well, it’s not that I took that long to get it up and running. It’s not that I could not come up with content. In both of my attempts, I was unable to find a site that was center aligned. 

That might sound baffling but yes, you heard correctly. And yes, I’m sure there probably was a way to find a site design that was center-aligned. But I couldn’t find it, and it did not seem to be openly advertised among the millions of online templates that offered everything except simplicity and honesty. 

Amidst all of the modern templates offered, I just wanted a logo on the top of the page, sections below it, and products below that, in groups of three. Or, if not products, just a center aligned blog. But it was not to be, and I understood why. 

21st Century humans crave superfluity. In web design, this means functions and buttons that appear incredible but have no real staying power. Sign up bonuses, special offers, customized subscription packages, RSS feeds, subscribe and save, social media sharing, the list goes on. And so do the purchases. But it’s not as if the subscribers ever derive any real value from such items. It’s on to the next ‘thing’.

The site I wanted was too simple, too Zen, too honest for the marketers. And, to be fair, they are only catering to the universally weak character of 21st-century humans. It was as if the humans had never been introduced to the concept of balance. Web design, being a function (like everything else) of human vibration, was misaligned. 

I also could not understand why ever single site I visited was either left or right-aligned. Why was the text always to the left, sometimes on the right, but never in the center, the place where one might reasonably expect the text to go? How could a siteowner sleep at night while his viewers had to navigate around horrendous popups and advertisements, email subscription boxes and eBook giveaways? 

Thankfully, things have definitely changed and humans have come to center. You might have noticed that since 2018 or so, websites have gotten rounded. Before this, everything was square and rectangular. More and more sites are center aligning the text and avoiding horrible advertisements. It costs about $50 to run a site for a year - there is no justification for invasive ads. 

In recent times, everything has gotten more user-friendly, with ‘personalization’ taking over. All this ‘niceness’ might mitigate the fact that your data is being harvested 24/7 in computer land as every keystroke is going into Googles algorithms for analysis.

A site that is too nice can have ulterior motives. But they do make it quite easy for you to give away your email address and other sensitive data. One wonders who has given away what in all of the ‘free’ eBook giveaways?

And so, I have created a site without any noise or nonsense. No ads. No special buttons. Few borders. Minimal colors. No annoying chatbot. So you can focus on the actual text and imbibe what is being said on a deeper, more meaningful level. 

I don’t care if you subscribe or not. I’m not going to beg you for a subscription and demean myself like every other online ‘blogger’. I’m not even 'delivering value’, another meaningless term favored among bloggers and internet marketers to justify their activities. 

Stay if you want and leave if you don’t. I take pride in my authentic writing and delivering the best content I can manage. But that’s for my own soul. 

You come a distance second, dear reader. Though, for what it's worth, I do hope you derive as much benefit as you can from the content.

I'm sovereign, not mean.

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