It can seem at first glance that what I am doing on this site is creating content. But nothing could be further from the truth. The purpose of all the words written on these pages and in the literature are, in fact, to create space.

To get even more specific, the purpose is to create space within your mind.

It’s actually part of my Mission and Higher purpose on this planet. All the devastation that you see around you is due to the fact that people have a cluttered mental space with too many thoughts and ideas. And none of these thoughts or ideas are their property. They simply download them unconsciously from other people and from the media.

Heaven is not a thing. It is no-thing. And in this no-thing (space), you can insert what you want. Provided, of course, that all of the bullshit is gone. But if you believe too firmly in the bullshit (everything to do with 3D society and programming), you don’t spend enough time manifesting your particular heaven.

Take a look around you on this site. Seems pretty spacious, don’t you think? I like to allow my readers room to think.

Any objective analysis can reveal that human society is insane. None of the most commonly believed thought forms on this planet are true. An example would be the ideology that there is somehow a limited number of resources, even though the universe is literally expanding. And we have not even started to explore any new ways of doing things. Practically everybody believes in limited resources, on a subconscious level, despite 0% evidence to support this wild fantasy. Where do such thoughts come from, one wonders?

In order to arrive at a clear conclusion on an objective analysis on anything, you must first have clear space. If your brain is cluttered, it's literally just a frozen computer. It can’t do anything.

Have you ever considered that you can actually stretch your mind in precisely the same manner that you can stretch your body? And the more you stretch it, the more space you have, psychologically? And that the only way to do this is by absorbing different perspectives without being totally enamoured with them?

If you read through this site, along with the literature and the video content, your mind is going to stretch, and you’ll have more than enough space to truly be who you are.

Some of the best perspectives from Galactic Sources are brought here, first and foremost, decades before they reach mainstream consciousness.

May the space with you :)

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