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Subtle Propaganda

Most of the planet are now aware of the overt propaganda that takes place on media news channels. For decades, it served to put the population into a state of hypnosis and get them to buy into certain paradigms. It worked. Not only did it work, but it worked exceedingly well. 

Yet the media is not the only mind control tool at Deep State disposal. Hollywood movies and TV shows are designed to reinforce certain ideologies into the mass consciousness. I’ve recently started to watch a show called ‘Designated Survivor’. It’s actually not that bad of a show by human television standards. 

But it reinforces the idea that the Federal Government really is necessary to prevent catastrophe, which is not at all the case. And of course, we have the ‘Terrorists’ from the Middle East that cannot be found or located. This is seen in all US propaganda. The enemies are always either the Russians or the Middle East. Not so much the Chinese anymore. 

It depends on the power struggles being played up top, and who the humans are supposed to believe the enemy is. Either way, the idea is always that there is an enemy and we need the Government to protect us. Same old story, but played out much more subtly in the form of television and movies compared to the direct and tangible propaganda seen on the national news channels. 

Of course, the subtle propaganda will also highlight how we need to protect ourselves from the ‘Aliens’, depicting them in huge ships and striking mercilessly, without reason. We need ‘Captain America’ to save us from the Extra-Terrestrial invaders. And we need Tony Stark and billions of dollars to create super cool technology.

Because that’s what we need right now - more technology. 

Not less consumerism. Not an overhaul of the psychopath governments. Not the removal of fluoride from our water. Not a removal of 5G. Not sustainable/free energy. Not outer space exploration. Not transparency on planetary history. 

No, we obviously need more weapons for when Aliens invade us. Possibly with the help of the Russians/Middle East. Why not hit 2 propaganda birds with one stone? Needless to say, we all need to work together, with the help of the US government, to defeat the common enemy, whoever that may be. 

Next time you watch a movie or a TV show, be mindful of what the subtle implications are. They are always there. And your subconscious will take them as true unless you are on the lookout. This subtle propaganda plays a huge role in forming the belief system of the human.

Without all of the previous end of the world zombie virus movies, would people really have fallen for the COVID 1984 propaganda campaign? Personally, I find the idea of wearing a mask and washing my hands 30 times a day to be completely absurd. Then again, I never really watched that many zombie movies - they are about as realistic as COVID 1984.

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