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Sun Worship and Vampires

For many in the modern era, worshipping the Sun (‘Ra’) is only for pagans and times past. Such worship is falsely associated with underdeveloped societies that have yet to reach the light of scientific knowledge. 

From a cosmic perspective, this is quite humorous. Because the tribal peoples were worshipping the ultimate source of light in the physical continuum directly, while the rationalists/scientists worship their own mental abstractions that lead them away from the light, indirectly. For the road to darkness is never advertised as such. 

Worshipping the sun might seem a little strong. But I can give you a fantastic protocol to respect the Sun. Here it is:

  • Get to bed between 10PM - 11PM.

  • Rise with or before Ra (will happen naturally as long as you get to bed by 10 / 11PM)

  • Meditate twice at the same intervals (such as 6 AM and 6 PM)

  • Eat your last (light) meal at 7 PM.

Very, very, very, simple. Very, very, very powerful. 

If you elect not to do this, you are turning the other cheek to the Sun deity. It’s not so much that Ra will get angry and strike you down (historical cultures had a tendency to personalize the Celestial Deities).

But your circadian rhythm will suffer, as will your wider bodily system. The 3D human continuum was designed along certain cyclical patterns. If you do not follow the patterns, as dictated by Ra, your body/mind system will not function anywhere close to optimal. Ra is the source of all life.

It is your decision to ignore Source or to go with its flow. It could not be more simple, and why people fail to follow such basic routes to personal happiness and wellbeing remains a mystery to all indigenous cultures and spiritual sects.  

You do not have to follow the exact system outlined above, but you do have to be mindful of the patterns of Ra, which is intimately linked to the patterns of your Circadian rhythm. Everything is interconnected. Try to establish a consistent routine/pattern as much as possible. 

Man is not meant to stay awake at night and sleep during day, and long-term night work can have serious implications for long-term health. With just a touch of focus and discipline, this easy form of Sun worship will transform you across many different levels. To finish with a (huge) quote from Stoic philosopher Seneca:

“The daylight has begun to diminish. It has contracted considerably, but not so much that there is not a generous amount remaining still for anyone who will, so to speak, rise with the daylight itself. More active and commendable still is the person who is waiting for the daylight and intercepts the first rays of the sun; shame on him who lies in bed dozing when the sun is high in the sky, whose waking hours commence in the middle of the day – and even this time, for a lot of people, is the equivalent of the small hours. There are some who invert the functions of day and night and do not separate eyelids leaden with the previous days carousal before night sets in.”

“Can you imagine that these people know how one ought to live when they do not know when one ought to live? Can they really be afraid of death like other people when this is what they have retreated into in their own lifetimes? They are as weird as birds that fly by night. They may while away their hours of darkness to a background of wine and perfume, they may occupy the whole of the time they spend, contrarily, awake eating sumptuous dishes – individually cooked, too, in a long succession of different courses; but what in fact they are doing is not banqueting but celebrating their own last rites. At least the dead have their memorial ceremonies during the daytime.” 

“Heavens, though, no day is a long one for a man who is up and about! Let us expand our life: action is its theme and duty. The night should be kept within bounds, and a proportion of it transferred to the day. Poultry that are being reared for the table are cooped up in the dark so as to prevent them moving about and make them fatten easily; there they languish, getting no exercise, with the swelling taking possession of their sluggish bodies and the inert fat creeping over them in their magnificent seclusion.” 

“And the bodies of these people who have dedicated themselves to the dark have an unsightly look about them, too, inasmuch as their complexions are unhealthier looking than those of persons who are pale through sickness. Frail and feeble with their blanched appearance, in their case the flesh on the living person is deathlike. And yet I should describe this as the least of their ills. How much deeper is the darkness in their souls! Their souls are dazed and befogged, envious of the blind! What man was ever given eyes for the sake of the dark?”

“For those who follow nature everything is easy and straightforward, whereas for those who fight against her life is just like rowing against the stream.”

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