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The Anatomy Of A Perfect Morning

I’ve recently discovered the formula for how a morning is supposed to go. While the details are personal, the essence/spirit is universal. The anatomy of a perfect morning will always involve cleansing the body (shower, evacuation, light exercise, fruit juice), cleansing the mind (meditation, manifestation, visualization), and getting into a happy place, whatever form that takes. It will not involve any negative thoughts or compulsion to work to justify your existence in any way. 

When I wake up, the first thing I do is track back. El Morya terms this ‘Diamond Consciousness’. Basically the aim is to remember all dreams and stay in the Theta state as long as possible. When you initially become conscious, turn your energy inward for as long as you can. Do not immediately externalize yourself in the secondary world of illusion. 

The second step is manifestation, which means lightly putting your mind on positive thoughts or just something that makes you feel good. A minute will suffice, while still in bed. The waking hours are the most powerful, so these minutes are pivotal to how the day will go. Manifestational abilities are vastly increased while in the Theta state as compared to the Beta state of waking consciousness. 

I tend to lie in and only get out of bed when fully awake (the habit of waking to an alarm is very unnatural). I get up, stretch, and go for a shower. Monkey mind gets activated, and I’ve not yet figured out how to retain my Theta stillness while going for a shower. After the shower, I ‘evacuate’ and then meditate for ~40 minutes. The first 5 minutes of the meditation involves various energetic cleansing techniques such as the Violet Flame, Pillar, Auric cleansing, etc. The remaining is about recieving downloads and silencing the mind. 

Most would probably start ‘working’ after meditation, but this is a mistake. Have a fruit juice, and go for a walk in nature to balance the five elements. When I come back from a walk, I then have a light breakfast while making some entries into my gratitude journal.

After I have done the morning vibrational alignment, there is no stress. I get my writing done in a few hours and in the afternoon, and Que Sera, Sera. It’s easier to optimize the night and morning. The afternoon is the time to let things be. I not not resist this period any more. Ra is too powerful.

You could say that this is individualized and it may not work for you, but the spirit of is the same for all human beings. The idea is to push ’work’ back as far as you possibly can and put your soul ‘forward’ as much as you can. Your role is to enjoy life, not to jump to justify your existence first thing in the morning. 

Your Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual wellbeing comes first.

The human species have been tricked into believing that they have to ‘earn’ a living, and it takes years to get rid of this programming. Start by never again waking to an alarm and putting yoursef first, first thing in the morning. 

If you do have a 9-5, you can still adapt. Diamond consciousness is available to everyone, and fruit juice/walks in nature/gratitiude journals are more or less free. You could argue that my lifestyle is luxurious and affords me the time to do this. 

In response, I can only leave you with The Mergovingian:

“Who has time? Who has time? But then, if does not take time, how can one have, time?”

Time is something you construct. It is not objective. Take your morning back. 

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