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The Beautiful Death Process

One of the biggest illusions plaguing humanity is the strange, weird, and non-natural belief that death is something to be afraid of. Every spiritual teacher has pointed out the human fallacy of fear of death, usually alluding to the facts that you were dead before you were born and that you are going to endlessly reincarnate anyway. Fear of death means you are afraid of what has already happened millions of times, and what will inevitably happen millions more. 

Seneca, a stoic philosopher, was a little more ‘abrupt’, pointing out the silliness of fearing something that is inevitable. As if death just ‘happens’ out of the Blue. It is equally silly to mourn the loss of friends - the person doing the mourning will be dead in another 30 years or so anyway, a mere blink of an eye. 

And yet, the human silliness with regard to the beautiful death process still perpetuates itself. Moreso from habit, than anything else. The humans have a process known as a ‘funeral’, whereby they all agree that something bad has happened and dress up in Black. Even when an individual has been relieved of a dreadful illness such as Cancer, it is as if the beautiful dissolution of elements is a tragic occurence. 

Caught unawares, it might be possible for one of a spiritual nature to actually buy into it all - the humans, using their Mental and Imaginative powers, create a very real environment of doom and gloom when they all conglomerate together, agreeing to be sad and miserable. 

And so, if you are reading this material, remember to be happy as you go to your own joyful dissolution. For your life is but an illusion as you move towards greater heights on the neverending spiral spiral of evolution. 

This is not an nihilistic ‘giving up’ towards the inevitable. This is an acceptance of your own immortality, the body being but a vessel for a much greater vehicle of transformation. 

You've seen it all before. You've been here before.

Dead, or alive, you need to become detached from the physical body in order to cultivate greater spiritual rewards. If you do your homework now, you will relish the thought of ‘death’, more accurately termed ‘rebirth’. 

Same thing.   

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