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The Best Spiritual ‘Practice’ In The World

The best spiritual technique or ‘practice’ in the world is meditation, specifically Transcendental Meditation. This is because the origin of this meditation takes you back to the Source of Your Being (God). But any practices without an object of focus that gets you to still the mind will take you closer to the Source of your Being.

Nobody can describe this Source for you, as that would be religious dogma. The technique focuses exclusively on removing the outer level tendencies of the mind and emotions. When these are switched ‘off’, all that is left is God Consciousness. It is, literally, that simple. But discipline is required.

In the beginning there was only the great void. Some say that was pure Love/Light Consciousness. I prefer to take another direction, in the sense that it was a great void of nothingness, of outer space. This was the womb of the mother. Out of this nothingness, came a thought, which is often referred to as the first distortion. This distortion is not wrong, as long as you are aware of that which created it - you!

So you can see how the technique of stilling the mind and emotions takes you back to the very beginning of all creation, the no-self. Time does not exist, and the big bang is happening in each and every moment. You can return right now. Linear time is something you are playing with, but there was no real beginning.

The beauty is that when you still the mind, you are born again in a real sense. Karma occurs because of continuity of thought alone. When you go back to source/stillness, you interrupt this repeating pattern of thought.

In fact, God will typically give you a random thought that is perfectly suited to the alleviation of your karma. It’s quite humorous. Whatever issue you have or think you have, you can only solve them by getting completely still and taking heed of the brand new thoughts you get in meditation. It is out of this void that genius is born, because genius is something that is completely unrelated to what has gone before.

When you understand this vitally important sentence you will immediately see the fallacies of the education complex which is designed to regurgitate the same nonsense over and over again. Genius comes from a lack of continuity, which is unrelated to previous thoughts/emotions, or previous karma.

Going to the very Source of your Being is ‘prime practice’. The more outer level practices such as Chakra work, Shadow Work, Detoxification, Nutrition, Emotional Healing, Past Lives, Soul Purpose are all extremely useful and powerful. But the Source of your Being is the Kingdom of Heaven, is Christ Consciousness, Unconditional Love. Do this meditation first, and the other practices will be another 'sheath' or 'layer' on top of them.

So meditate, quiet the mind, and turn within as much as possible, as frequently as possible. This will also reflect back in your regular work because you will have increased space and awareness, taking the practice with you. Easy, Effortless, Magic.

From Ascended Master Jesus, the Christ Letters:

"Millions have not yet glimpsed the Light and they spend their lives in seeking new spiritual experiences through new teachers and new knowledge, whereas the search should be for the experience of Divine Consciousness within and the spiritual vision arising therefrom. This can only be attained through constant and regular meditation...only through meditation will you be able to still and quieten your mind completely"

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