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The Catholic Church - What Else Can We Do?

In the earlier days of my incarnation, I spent a while trying to convince people of the pointlessness of the education system, religion system, financial system, and governmental system. I soon recognized why people were so averse to any kind of radical change. They are familiar with what they know, and afraid of the new. They also happen to be brainwashed in the most literal sense of the word. 

A stark example is the Catholic Church. Mass murderers. Paedophiles. Torturers of the worse kind. Physical abuse of children and adolescents. The Great Crusades. The Spanish Inquisition. They played a huge role in the slaughter of the Native Indians and indigenous cultures across the Globe. They killed the Christ and perverted his teachings. They are responsible for more death and decay than any other organization in the history of the planet. 

State these facts to Church proponents. I know the pre-programmed response you are going to get. It goes like this:

‘It might have its flaws. But it still served much good. And it is needed as a force of social cohesion. We need some form of spirituality, and the Church fills that role. It can adapt’

I understand that the planetary controllers like to implant these brainwashing programs into the mass consciousnesses. But this is a big one. Even intellectual heavyweights like Jordan Peterson, who has done fantastic work in wider society, fall prey to this brainwashing. 

Not only is it illogical, but it is cowardly. The public is excusing the wide scale murdery, pedophilia, and greed of the Catholic Church, because it (allegedly) serves as a force of social cohesion? Wow. If this isn’t brainwashing, I don’t know what is.  

I’m sure that slavery of the Negroid population and limitation of womens rights was a great form of social solidarity at the time. As was war, and the battles in the Colosseum. And animal fighting. What would we have done without them? It’s not as if these Cancers were removed and replaced with wholesome freedoms for all, is it? To be clear:

  1. YES - We need social solidarity and a form of spiritual development imbued in our cultures. 

  2. NO - These attributes are not to be found in the murdering, villainous, satanic, raping, pillaging, catholic church. 

The 21st century human is so cowardly that it is willing to turn to an entity proven of the worst kinds of atrocities rather than stand on its own 2 feet and look towards different models. There are thousands of viable frameworks to use. Meditation. Yoga. Philosophy. Buddhism. Energy work. Tsaoism. Shamanism. Holistic practices. Alternative health. 

Nah. Lets go with the proven murderers, pedophiles, rapists, torturers. 

It’s what we’ve always done. What else can we do?

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