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The Darkness is Dead

It’s over. We won. This is the mentality the planet needs to start adopting, and quickly. It’s obvious to everybody in the Golden Age and Galactic Community that the Dark powers are done and dusted. We’re watching the very last remnants of them get vanquished, in the densest possible environment: planet Earth.

While it can seem as if the world is about to end and fall into Chaos, that’s just not the case. Well, not really. Your thoughts affect your reality in a big way. If a group of humans get together and all use their powers of imagination and visualisation to believe that something bad is going to happen, it will. It’s just how Divine Science works.

This is basically what happens at funerals. The soul goes to heaven (briefly), and the humans left behind create a cloud of gloom because of their erroneous thought patterns. I’ve always found funerals to be hilarious. People admired my ‘bravery’. The only possible justification for weeping would be that your friend got to go on a pretty awesome vacation while you were left behind, which would still be strange. You should be envious of the dearly departed, not miserly. If you're on Earth, you are most certainly the dead one, rest assured. When you develop your superpowers, you can get back in touch with them anyway. Though you never really got in touch with them when they were alive, just mourned them when they 'departed'. Humans are incredibly conflicted.

But I digress. There has never been a better opportunity to be alive. There might be a few more hurdles along the way, but this is mainly by contractual arrangement. Souls who are not ready for particular experiences will need to leave the planet, which is becoming more light-orientated.

This is not a judgement. Think of it like we’re going to one country, and they're going to another. Souls en masse will need a convenient method to leave the planet, which could take many forms (the previous one being COVID 1984).

In order to stop the ego inflation, consider that at some stage in your evolution you have been at a position where you didn’t ‘make the cut’ and needed to reincarnate in a different continuum. But even that’s still a little off.

They’re just not ready for university, so they’re going to high school. I’m wishing them the best and sure they’ll have a blast: though they will likely need to leave the physical to reincarnate to do that. The same way we’ve all reincarnated many, many, many times. You’re not here to save them or wake them up. You can’t remedy a lifetime of decisions with a few carefully chosen words. And they wouldn’t listen anyway.

Harsh as it may sound, we need those souls to exit. We can't carry their weight any longer. Chronically negative thoughts forms are literally like cancerous cells that affect the entire planet. The human mind is amazingly powerful. And the Deep State survived based on the fact that a group of people accepted their lies and gave life to them with the power of their beliefs.

The conclusion here is to grab this fantastic opportunity to propel your own self development. This can take whatever form you want, but understand that the energetics are fast moving. Other souls will focus on fear and will create their reality. The media will continue to peddle doom and gloom and fail to report that we have made more spiritual progress in the past 10 years than the past 10,000. People will continue to get heart attacks and cancer from allowing pharmaceutical agencies access to their genes. C’est la vie.

The more spiritually evolved you are, the more optimistic you will be about the state of the planet - even if you recognize that there might be some mass exits.

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