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The Glorious Extension of Power

Power has gotten something of a bad rap in the past decade. But that’s only because power is always spoken about in terms of power over another person - domination. 

Power is a necessary component of human life. In the ‘old’ days, the spiritual teachings mentioned the Love, Light, and Power quotient. The Power quotient seems to have been removed, even from the spiritual curriculum. 

You should seek to expand your power in all possible directions, as intensely as possible. I am using the term power here quite loosely. Power and competence are synonymous. 

  1. How much capital do you have?

  2. Do you have your own car/house?

  3. Can you bake bread and make your own food products?

  4. Can you live on fruit/water/vegetables for weeks at a time?

  5. Can you build a house?

  6. Can you meditate/sit still for 40 minutes?

  7. Can you swim?

  8. Do you know self-defense/martial arts?

  9. Are you well-travelled?

  10. Are you well read?

  11. Have you tried psychedelics?

The list is infinite. And that a good thing. As a human soul, you should always be seeking to expand without over-extending your self. It is the nature of things to grow. 

Buy more property. Learn a second language. Create a new restaurant. Purchase different reading materials. 

The other side of spiritual teachings often fails to be given its due. It’s great to be able to go on silent retreats, perform juice fasts, and meditate in silence for extended periods. I am a huge fan of these modalities. They are life changing and have their place in 3D exploration. 

But the end result is that when you come back into the matrix/material realm, you have capacity for far more expansion. 

Expansion and exploration is not ‘egotistical’. Unrestrained desires are. Keep your house in order with frequent fasts, daily meditation, and silent retreats now and again.

And like a loosened spring, you can expand to your hearts content, in all directions, without feeling one bit guilty for the expansion of Source. 

Power, is good. 

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