The Heaven On Earth Initation

I recently completed a Heaven On Earth Initiation with Gil Sim, representative of the Galactic Federation on Terra. This initiation helps to ground your idea of heaven into the new earth that we are creating.

My personal vision of Heaven On Earth is not really a vision at all. As a clairsentient, its something I feel, though that might change as my clairvoyance opens up and I go deeper into this initiation.

I am a creature of space. I believe that heaven is primarily empty space. We’re already in it. The problem is that we have created so many objects that appear to be outside of ourselves that we think heaven/space is something out there or ‘further on’.

So my role is really to connect people to space. You might have noticed that life on this planet is based on limitation, which is essentially a lack of space. People are plagued with ideologies, physical items, theories, processes, and practices that they literally have no space for themselves.

Spaciousness and happiness are closely associated. You can’t be happy while also being worried, stressed, and busy at the same time. My work in shaping perspectives and inserting new ideas into the public domain will create space within the minds of my readers. They can then create their own heaven, because they are no longer attached to the old ideas that were taking up unnecessary space within their consciousness.

The first step, at least, will involve getting rid of the old (via meditation, minimalism, fasting, simplicity, nature, etc). When the junk is out, you can then start to contemplate what heaven is going to look like. It’s different for every individual. What's universal is that we all need to understand what space is before we can really create heaven on earth.

Heaven is a state of mind. I wish to create optimal soil conditions within the garden that is the human mental field. I don’t know specifically what will take root.

But my job is simply to provide enough diversity for nature to run its course, unimpeded by artificial programs.

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