The Higher Self Explored

There’s quite a lot of talk about the Higher Self, the ‘I Am’ Presence. It’s one of the primary spiritual ‘practices’, though it goes far beyond a process to a state of being or embodiment. The Higher Self is known as the ‘Inner Being’ in Law of Attraction teachings, and is yet another recognition of a power beyond the physical.

I’m not fully connected to the Higher Self at all times or even regularly, and few are. But I do have an experience to share which should put an entirely different perspective on the whole thing. I purchased a Higher Self Reconnection session where I was told that the Higher Self actually needs to enter the physical body through the root chakra. And this is what I experienced, strongly.

This is linked to the point I want to make. Shortly after I purchased the session, I had a feeling of being incredibly dense and present. As if the far greater part of me had now come into my cells. Because I was so incredibly present and deep, I had a greater intelligence that could be put to use with anything I put my attention on. It was an empowering, satisfying, peaceful experience.

And it's at odds with the New Age implications whereby we are all ‘going’ to a New Earth and are ‘transcending’ the physical, becoming ‘lighter’. You’re certainly not ‘going’ anywhere. In fact, the idea that you think you’re going to reach a certain place at a future time is like sending an aspect of yourself forward in time: so it’s not in your physical body, right now.

You need to get more dense, physical and present. This is done through breathing and many other exercises, as well as by reducing your thoughts as much as possible. Imagine that every thought you focus on takes energy to maintain. Also imagine that you’re not going anywhere and there is nothing to do except become present to what’s around you. This will facilitate the entry of the Higher Self in a very ‘physical’ way into your body. When correctly anchored, you have a firm reality to explore other realities from. Otherwise, your consciousness is already split across many dimensions without integration in this one.

Right now, humans who are already pretty fragmented and non-grounded are attempting to astral project into different realities. A ghost is intent on going to the etheric realms, to become yet more translucent. Nothing wrong with astral projection in the slightest, but there is plenty to focus on in this reality before skipping to another. Bring the Higher Self to this reality, and you’ll nail astral projection and pretty much every other spiritual gift imaginable.

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