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The Horrifying Virus Of Western Capitalism - A Lack Of True Reverence

After spending 3 weeks in Tulum and many months in Mexico in general, I’ve seen first hand just how horrifying the virus of Western Materialism truly is. It completely corrupts.

I’m a Law of Attraction practitioner and believe in selecting thoughts, emotions, and vibration as deliberately as possible. You do have power to craft your reality, through guidance from your Higher Self along with occasional Shadow Work to undertake. Though the Shadow Work and Light Work eventually blend into one activity anyway, being inseparable. The thing you thought you would never do being your greatest source of joy. People avoid their joy out of fear.

The destruction is obvious to see on the material level - noise pollution, drugs, crime, construction sites, bad odors, garbage, poverty. But it’s the state of consciousness where the shadow stems from. You can see/feel/hear it in the way that people talk, walk, move, vibrate, and express. A kind of false, artificial consciousness full of labels and ideas without Being or Presence.

I got the motivation to write this post after being subjected to a conversation by a young woman near me who has been newly introduced to spirituality. She was using words like ‘Higher Self’ ‘The Intuition’, ‘The Ego’, ‘Guidance System’ in such a way that clearly demonstrated she had no idea about any of them. It was pretty revolting - my auric field had a difficult time. I left to go to the garden until she made her leave.

Her boyfriend also talked about how he felt that work in an ‘NGO’ was more 'who he was' than with his marketing company. Again, however, the energetic demeanor says far more. As I write this, he currently has his feet on the cafe couch, shoes on, laptop over his knees. The first thing the woman did when she came in was ‘sprawl’ (I honestly can’t give you a different term for it) on the couch about 1.5 feet away from me. Neither of them seemed bothered about sitting across from me, in a way that cut across energetic boundaries.

The issue today is that people lack REVERENCE for life itself, and they talk about these concepts without any depth or meaning. NGOs, helping the planet, the Higher Self, the Intuition, all of these are ‘trending’. Shops and businesses will be built around them, make no doubt about it.

A person who has spent his life in farming and trading has more knowledge about these concepts than an office worker who ‘wakes up’ and reads a book about the Higher Self. The attitude and way you approach a topic says it all. It's in your energetic countenance, not the things you talk about or have a passing interest in. Those who have eyes will see. Those who have ears will hear. Those who have neither will talk.

Tulum, meanwhile, has been destroyed by property developers and Western Consciousness in general, which seeks only to ‘have a good time’ without giving anything back. The Indigenous peoples who built Tulum are being evicted and moved - who would want to see them amidst all the hotel resorts with Yoga Classes on demand? We only want them for some shamanic ceremonies now and again and to take pictures for Instagram so we can pretend to be spiritual. Then they should fade away so we can get on with our nightlife activities.

All in the name of spirituality.

Because all that matters is the label, not the attitude, right?

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