The Importance of Archetypes And Symbols

Symbols and Archetypes form a part of a higher language. Everything that you see around you is actually a result of a higher ideal. There is a superior realm of sounds and symbols that lie outside of conscious awareness. Artists, musicians, inventors, and all creative types tap into this realm.

But I want to get a little more specific. Every single person and group is actually governed, consciously or unconsciously, by one or more archetypes. I’m going to use the term archetype and symbol synonymously in this article, though it's not actually true. There’s a larger point I need to get across here.

The US is governed by the dollar sign symbol. Every single institution in this nation is governed by this major archetype. Which is why healthcare and education are so heavily financialized. As is the church and ‘charitable’ institutions. Even non-profit organizations are heavily financialized. This is the power of an archetype. But every single individual in this nation is also governed by money. They literally interpret the entire world through a lens of green cheese. It’s pretty abhorrent when you see what this symbol has done to the Americans. They’ll spit in your food if you don’t give them extra money (they call it a tip). Their entire psychology is manipulated at an early age and success is determined entirely by the US dollar, which is printed and tied to no meaningful system.

This is not normal. This is not natural. This is not necessary.

Whenever an entire population is brainwashed subliminally via an archetype or symbol, they believe that it is somehow a correct or natural approach. No matter how grotesque it is to an outside observer. But not all people are governed by this archetype. There is nothing special or civilised about it.

In Ancient Rome and Greek times, there was an archetype of being an honourable ‘Stoic’ figure. ‘For the Republic’ would be a common saying and philosophy. I’m not suggesting that everybody was noble. I’m not saying that everybody used and conformed to this archetype. What I am saying is that this seemed to be a very powerful archetype at the time which a great many people strived to emulate. It was based on minimalism and clean living, in a very harsh world. In contrast, the USA is built on excess and superfluity.

Every nation and person is governed by an archetype. So is every single culture, organization, group, and business. Ever wondered what a ‘logo’ actually is? It’s a symbol of what the business stands for. The zodiac is essentially a number of archetypes that conforms to the personality of an individual during an incarnation. When a person does light language on your body, they are working with symbols in your auric field. Symbols that have light, colour, sound and energy running through them. You could call these ‘live’ symbols.

Find the symbols and archetypes that govern your mind. And you can code your way to high awareness.

Symbols are the master language.

Learn to speak them, and you’ll become a master programmer of the matrix.

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