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The Importance of Clairvoyance - The New Google

The basic quality of life on planet Earth is that humans give their power away to anything outside of themselves. Archangels, AI, channelers, mediums, gurus, religions, governments, political theories, ancient scriptures. Essentially, everything that does not place them at front and center of their own reality. A complete inversion happens when you start to take command of your own reality, 100%.

Humans are just now beginning to do this. They are turning their attention inwards and are skeptical of all the lies that are being propagated by the media. More importantly, they are learning to trust their own clairsenses and intuition as compared to the various screens that project reality onto them (humans are not the only things that project. Screens do it too).

There is an infinite sea of data out there to make sense of, and no small amount of lies directly inserted by the Deep State. But you can bypass all of that by simply developing the sense of clairvoyance. You ask a question, put your attention on the third eye, and are given an image, customized by God, directly to you.

It's a more efficient way of navigating reality as you have direct access to god for any single question you like. And all you have to do is ask a question, put your attention on your third eye, and receive.

No longer will you have to look to Google or AI for answers. They can only give you data. With time, the images will come with sound, feeling, and emotion to give you an even richer experience that AI cannot provide. And it will be uniquely suited to your soul.

So take the time to develop the clairsenses and lessen your reliance on AI and all of the related entrapments. Clairvoyance is a huge one. The only screen you should pay attention to is the screen of your third eye.

Remember when you give attention to anything, you empower it.

Consciousness is given life via attention

Would you like to empower Google or empower yourself?

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