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The Media As Projection

The previous blog post about projective exercises might have seemed esoteric, mystical, and ‘woo’. But it is the core component to the human information system known as the mainstream media. 

The media is a crystallized projection, much like advertising. Information is projected into mainstream awareness via screens so that the mass consciousness can be best hypnotized to purchase products and buy into certain ideologies. Right now, the humans are been projected about the benefits of technology and AI, despite their inherently destructive qualities on human consciousness. 

The Media Barons are masters of projection. Their battalions blaze propaganda relentlessly into the public via the telescreens, placed all over the globe under the guise of ‘entertainment’ and 'news'. Advertising works in a similare fashion. You don’t have to have your third eye open to spot the subliminal messages (SEX, WAR, BUY) all over these projections, though it helps to see it openly.  

Just understand that all media projection is conducted with a very particular and insidious aim. You need to believe what they are selling, even if they are acting under the guise of ‘objectivity’.

Yet as powerful as these projections are, when you understand what is actually happening, you are free. You simply need to:

  1. Never tune into the brainwashing channels. 

  2. Create your own powerful projections

You will also need to eliminate from your life (as much as possible) people who submit to this brainwashing of their own volition. These people imbibe the fear and chaotic frequencies projected by the media (when was the last time you remember a positive headline?). Next, they will unconsciously try and project their fear (of Brexit, Donald Trump, The Russians, The Chinese, Climate Change, Social Upheaval, COVID 1984, the list goes on) onto you.

It can be a delicate situation, but you really have to excommunicate such people. You cannot agree with the ideas they passively imbibed from the television screen. But, at the same time, most of the population is not ready for the absolute truth, unable to confront their own shadows in the form of the shadow government. 

The advice, as always, is simply to remove as much electronics as you can, and to powerfully embark on your own projections. A great way to do this is to start your own business, which is a physical projection of you tied in with financial compensation. Just ensure that you don't fall into the inevitable trap after a year of getting fed up of the business. It needs to be regularly revitalized with new projections and new aspirations.


If you do not have your own Projections in place, the media will make sure to fill in the gaps for you. This, you can be sure of.

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