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The Mind, The Matrix, And True Freedom

I’m currently back working in cryptocurrency media and PR, something I do enjoy and have a certain level of talent at. But it’s all the same thing. It’s all Mind, Perspective, and Expectation.

The Mind provides the parameters of meaning and is ‘pleased’ with the results. The Mind is relative only. The Mind is movement, happy only with going from a perceived lower state to a perceived higher state. The Mind is Illusion, by virtue of the fact that it is not Absolute or Unconditional.

So while working with clients, the Absolute results are not so important as priming the Expectations, Perspectives, and Mind of the client regarding relative increases. The client has to be led and guided into what is an improvement as opposed to previous states. It is all about perspective management. Mind Control, basically. Which is something of a shame, but that's how the collective ego mind operates and it can only be reached though such lower mechanisms.

From a lower number (100 subscribers) to a higher number (1 million subscribers). The ego mind is so confused about this that it sometimes pays for these artificial numbers, genuinely not recognizing that numbers are a mere pointer to more divine truths and are secondary. It thinks that the increase in numbers will increase its solidity and value! I have Compassion for these souls, who are deliberately led into such nonsense by the Reptilian Media.

Planetary Controllers use the universal principles of Mental Mechanics to great advantage. For instance, an oppressed population that has no freedom, high taxes, forced vaccinations, restricted travel, war, terror, and more would be collectively ‘pleased’ on a mental level because restrictions have been temporarily ‘lifted’.

From an Absolute Level, of course, the planetary controllers should never have been able to restrict anybody in the first place. The relative mind cannot understand this - if you have been a slave and have been given a taste of freedom, the mind only understands it as an ‘improvement’. The conditioned mind is only capable of relative concepts of freedom inferred from its environment. Control the environment, and you control the mind that gathers its data from the environment. Only those who take their nutrition directly from Source will truly be free.

And so, my place right now is a mix between the Absolute and Unconditional (via Transcendental Meditation), but also using specific skills within the inverted matrix to influence people towards freedom, as much as free will allows.

True freedom can only be established by placing the Unconditional (No Thoughts, No Emotions) first and then letting Source guide your activities in the matrix. Otherwise, numbers and labels will lead you into a labyrinth that you may never escape from. Who knows how many Souls will be trapped in the Virtualized, Corporate Metaverse?

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