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The New, Clear, Family

The New Clear Family has been under attack continuously for the past 40 years. It is the central nucleus of a strong society. First, there must be strong familial bonds for trust and stability. This trust and stability can then radiate outwards at the community level. And this extends even further to the county, state, national, international, Solar, Galactic, etc. A never-ending expanding spiral of Infinite Oneness.

So it would make perfect sense for the Deep State to contaminate the very Atom of the functional universe in the most drastic way. Gender is a ‘choice’, kids are encouraged to get married early, divorces are subtly facilitated, communities are destroyed with racial division, and male and female are pitted against each other due to gender discord. All standard operating procedures in planetary takeover. As families get torn apart, the entire society crumbles. 

But let’s not focus on the dark side of things too much.  The New Clear Family is bouncing back, stronger than ever. It’s time to highlight the strengths of each New Clear Family and its amazing role within wider society. 

If you look at each unit (not the separate parts), you will find that the New Clear Family is perfectly sound. Taken as a whole, it is perfectly balanced and harmonious. One member gets traits that tend to balance out the others. 

Ever wonder why the second son is always more diplomatic/passive and the first son more aggressive/active? It’s the perfect complement. The first son is expansive, the second to consolidate gains. And this trend would be continually reflected the more people are added to the biological unit. 

I’ve noticed this natural pattern is reflected strongly in my own family. While my older brother is concerned with materialist expansion, my parents are more concerned with reduce, reuse, recycle. I’m not saying one is superior to the other. I’m saying both are perfect for balance. Each party is given different traits that serve to balance other tendencies. 

The Father, Mother, and Child form sacred geometric energetics. The base trinity, the essential Triangle of creation is formed and bolstered by more additions (dimensions) to the unit. When an entire family is on the same page, it can work tremendously well.

This is why kids are distracted with technology by the Deep State - they are taught to disrespect their elders. Terrestrial statistics also indicate that areas with single parent moms are rampant with crime - starting off without a parent is an enormously difficult position for a newborn to tackle.

The eventual Deep State ‘solution’ would be giving the child away to more appropriate parents. The raising of children by non-biological parents would be the end of the human society as it paves the path for electronic integration and a downward evolutionary spiral. 

Thankfully, this is not on the Celestial agenda. 

As the Empire strikes back, in the form of holistic practices (martial arts, meditation, yoga, art, creative writing, singing, alternative medicine, philosophy, fair finance, Galactic history, etc), the family will once again consolidate and work in tandem, supporting each other.

And these families will then start working together in communities, finding ways to remove 5G weapons, to purify water, to supply clean energy, to grow organic produce, and to work for the betterment of all without simply stealing from one social class that is marginalized for the purposes of seeding discord among the populace. 

Ultimately, despite all the bombs dropped on the Celestial Atom of human functioning, it is not ashes that will remain. 

It will be diamonds  - the New, Clear, Family. 

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