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The NOW Moment - A New Language

I’ve recently watched a video from Mother Mary, channeled through Danielle. The title of the video is ‘How To Train Your Mind For Happiness’. The content of the video is a lot different from what I expected.

Mother Mary indicated in the video that the mind needs to be trained to live in the NOW moment. She also indicated that this is not a 20 minute procedure - the analogy given was that of learning a new language, something that takes effort to learn, one of continual growth. You need to literally rewire your mind to stay in the NOW.

This also ties in neatly to the concept of vibration. Whatever you are vibrating in your NOW is your total reality. If you think about your past in a state of bliss as compared to a state of despair, you will notice a completely different set of memories/images/feelings coming up.

Because your future/past is a function of your NOW. Which is why the greatest spiritual teachers espouse getting happy at all costs. If you must be ruthless, let it not be in the world of business - let it be in your own joy.

The process is straightforward. When faced with a difficult situation (fear, anger, worry) or just in general:

  1. Take deep breaths, in and out, with the gaze fixed.

  2. Tell your mind that the only time is now.

  3. Visualize this statement as golden white threads flowing through your mind, flowing out through the nervous system.

Like a game of Chinese whispers, of course, these words have lost some of the meaning. If this topic resonates with you, please watch the full video, possibly a number of times to get the full neural roadmap.

The issue lies in human forgetfulness. I love the idea of learning this new NOW moment language, a language of the mind to prevent needless anxious future/past laden thoughts. The implications being the NOW moment automatically confers joy, peace, bliss, love and wonders beyond imagining. But I have rejoiced at many such ideas, which have failed to manifest under the veil of persistent human forgetfulness.

This one, I’m going to really persist with - until my Mind is firmly NOW anchored, with an absense of pointless mental static. Affirmations, meditation, pranayama and visualization have ever been the tools of Enlightenment.

Actualizing this to a large degree would be quite a profound achievement. This transmission also alleviates some of the depression/hopelessness/despair I have been feeling in relation to the small self having no autonomy or power. If so, what’s the point of doing anything?

The point is that you have the power to choose, the willingness to choose.

And I choose NOW.

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