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The Power and Necessity of Locks

I asked my guides why I was making such slow progress on the spiritual path. As always, in typical Cancer Zodiac fashion, I received the answer a few days later in the form of a symbolic real life event. This is the only way, as a clairsentient and claircognizant being, that I learn. The teaching needs to be tied in with an actual event with emotions and physical sensations.

I was minding my young cousins when I received the answer. They were trying to get into my room - a room with holy books, gemstones, Vogel crystals, incense, robes, candles, and other jewels. They would have destroyed the place. And I realized then the power of the simple lock, and its necessity. There was no beauty or innocence in allowing them in. The same applies in an adult context.

If a human being was to open its third eye or gain a state of awareness prematurely, it would cause mayhem. It would cause so much mindless damage. This is why holy, blessed, Divine Locks are placed around the human consciousness to prevent rapid expansion. The doors to sacred places have to be locked to prevent harm.

This goes against much of the New Age Mythology regarding everything being shared all the time without boundaries. Trust me. You really want boundaries. All that happens with spiritual growth is that your sense of self increases. It’s just a bigger room with bigger locks. But the locks are still there in order to facilitate a sense of uniqueness which is the point of all creation/expansion.

So think locks, keys, and doors. As soon as you reach a place of spiritual aptitude, preserving your existing space becomes of paramount importance. Not so much against evil people. Against mindless people. Quite likely your friends and family. The more skilled and adept you become, the more you will value locks and privacy. And the more people will try to steal your energy and spaciousness, intentionally or otherwise.

If you don’t have locks and boundaries, people will invade. They will do so unconsciously and automatically. In a non-physical context, they will gossip or drain your energy with meaningless noise. They will invade your emotional and mental realms. The key to the lock in this instance might be your phone number. I suggest you change locks. Sometimes, you open the door yourself, such as when you watch mainstream television. Your mind is now fresh meat for Deep State propaganda artists. This is a deliberate invasion and often more deadly than the casual infringement of your sovereignty.

Of course, the problem lies upwards also. There are locks to places I’m not allowed in, but I understand now why this is the case.

In the meantime, nobody is allowed into my space. Boundaries, locks, and keys are Divine tools and serve an essential purpose.

PS: One of the best ways to enslave a population is not to reduce their levels of technology or spirituality. It’s to increase it at a rate they are unable to deal with. If the keys to locks are given too rapidly and they are allowed unfettered access to sophisticated technology, the species will self-destruct (AI, nanotechnology, GMO foods, gender transmutation etc) This is what has happened on Earth with the proliferation of damaging technological devices such as smartphones and tablets. Too much data, too little wisdom.

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