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The Power Of Positive Contribution

I have always been a little appalled by the concept of service and giving yourself away to the world; and I’ve had my reasons. As somebody who meditates 2.5 hours a day and does a lot of internal work, interacting with others is typically a negative play for me. My vibration goes down, theirs’ goes up.

And then there are the many fallacies of Catholicism and the Socialistic World Government, which shame you into giving them your energy with doctrines of false altruism. If you had any idea as to how people astrally manipulated you to give them your energy, you’d be pretty appalled - usually in the name of the greater good. Parents do this all the time.

So strong boundaries and personal integrity are the essential foundations to the spiritual path. But I have come to realize that world service is the next step. You still maintain your auric field and are discriminating in terms of who you let in. But from your strong energetic field you can launch global projects for the greater good, in conjunction with your Spirit Guides, Galactic Cousins, Angelic Expressions, and Ascended Master Sponsors.

The core item to understand is that when you contribute to the environment, you help yourself. It’s actually the single greatest thing you can do for your own personal evolution. Paradoxically, you need strong personal and individual boundaries to do service work with millions of people.

The Contribution Mindset

So, what is the contribution mindset? From the lower levels of ego, the only concern is what can be done for you by others. For example, people expect to get things from their government without contributing. They harp on about their rights but seldom uphold the ideals of the country the government is supposed to represent. If you get something without giving in return, you are subject to negative karma. Remember this - it applies in all instances. Also remember that gratitude and appreciation for a gift given is a perfect balancing force. The karmic balancing does not have to be tangible.

When you are given something for free without appreciating it or earning it, you are doing yourself a disservice. Which is partially why an inheritance is often squandered. You have a responsibility to contribute to your body so that it stays healthy. You need to plant seeds and eliminate weeds before a garden can flower. In other words, you contribute first, and reap second. Most expect to reap now and forever, without sowing! It’s a fundamental human inversion.

The contribution mindset applies everywhere. It applies to all areas of life. You need to contribute to something to improve it. If you are looking to grow your presence on a social media platform, you should spend some time reading, sharing and commenting on the contributions of others, as well as replying to messages where appropriate. You need to grow and nurture your social media presence over time in an organic way. Look to change the quality and texture of the social media platform instead of abandoning it prematurely because it lacks certain features or because you don’t like the polarized content.

When you acknowledge the Power of Positive Contribution, you also acknowledge your soul-derived right to alter this 3D continuum. You become an effect on the environment as opposed to being affected by the environment. So stop whining about what you don’t like and change it! By complaining, you acknowledge the power of 3D over you, as opposed to the power of your soul over 3D.

Are you a cause on your environment or a reflection/effect of it? Contribute positively, and you will become a cause on it, for personal and greater good. They are one and the same.

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