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The Sceptre of Power Initation

As well as the Heaven On Earth Initiation, I also completed the Sceptre Initiation with Gil Sim of the Galactic Federation. The Sceptre Initiation involves creating your own sceptre of power via the clairsenses. It also allows the soul to ascertain the nature of their particular brand of power.

For me, the Sceptre was hard to grasp and visualize, though this will change as I ground it and as it assumes a clearer form. I used clairsentience to experience the scepter, which is another hint of where I am more proficient/powerful. It communicated to me that it would take a while to become familiar with it, but that all efforts would most certainly be worth it.

I keep getting the sensation of Jedi, of cloth-like fabric, and of DNA strands. Ultimately, it was revealed that my power lies in being formless, spacious, and non-attached. I am hyper flexible in my mind (evidenced by hyper flexible in the physical vehicle) and super adaptable. I can adapt and blend in to pretty much any ecosystem.

I will be empowered when I share my multidimensional gifts with others using the voice and the written word. I empower myself when I give power to others via perspective sharing. By giving people different perspectives and ideas, they can then detach themselves from the old ideas to which they were bound. If something is held too tightly for a long time, it becomes hard to let it go, and ultimately destroys the one who holds too firmly.

This is especially true in the 3D realm where people are supremely polarized. Different perspectives will create space within their minds so they can then consciously choose which form to adopt. As soon as something is solid, it cannot be anything else. But when it's a formless etheric substance, it has the potential to be anything.

The rigid form will always decay with time. The soft, flexible, and adaptable countenance will remain youthful and exuberant. This is true physically as people should be flexible for optimal health. But it is even more important mentally and emotionally. How much more growth can be entertained if you remain open and soft to life, relationships, career paths, ideas, and opinions?

Lao Tzu says it quite eloquently in the Tao Te Ching:

People are born soft and weak.

They die hard and stiff.

All things such as grass and trees

Are soft and supple in life.

At their death they are withered and dry.

So, the hard and stiff are death's companions.

The soft and weak are life's companions.


The unyielding army will not win.

The rigid tree will be felled.

The rigid and big belong below.

The soft and weak belong above.

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