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The Science Of Karma Explained - Easy, Simple, And Obvious

Karma is a very simple and easy concept to understand, only its permutations/forms are complex. The entire universe is electro-magnetic. And whatever you send out comes back. You cannot get something back until you send something out. And what you get back is actually multiplied, because God likes to grow and expand. Every single person is sending out electromagnetic signals 24/7 as vibrational beings. And the main way this is done is through thoughts and emotions.

The scientific and spiritual fact of karma is easily observed in nature. In order to grow a plant, you first need to plow the soil and insert seeds. There is an action, and then a reaction. Reaping and Sowing. The same can be said of growing a business. You plant seeds in the right soil, and it flourishes with thyme.

All of the actions that have happened to you have been attracted by you on certain subtle levels, though perhaps not in this incarnation. They are simply rebounding back. It is often the case that you do not know how a certain thought, emotion, or action is going to be interpreted by another person. You might not be fully aware of the effect you are having or how you come across, which is why the cultivation of awareness is so important. The more powerful you become, the more important it is to watch your thoughts and emotions, and to act courageously but considerately.

The good news is that all you have to do is focus on sending out good vibes to as many people as possible, which will return to you. In older literature, this is known as ‘seva’ or ‘service work’. Obviously, you want to come from a pure place of helping out your brothers and sisters. But it is also helpful to understand that good work always rebounds. It is law. You can actually even ditch money and focus entirely on goodwill. The money will just flow into your experience as an afterthought.

When you first become aware of this concept, you must also understand that karma can work slowly, and is distributed by the planets. So what can happen is that you can be doing a lot of holy work, and still be subject to vast turmoil, for various reasons. However, the quicker you generate good karma and dissipate the old with the violet/white flames, the quicker you will exit the spikes of karma to the neutrality of the Now Moment.

When you become aware of something, you are no longer bound by it, because awareness sets the scene for intelligent action in tandem with loving acceptance. Intelligent Action (Light) + Loving Acceptance (Love) make you invincible. It’s a simple enlightenment formula.

Intelligence (Light) + Acceptance/Surrender (Love) = Enlightenment (Given time and experience)

The best way to transmute karma is through steady and consistent application of the Violet Flame. You can also counteract it directly with an equal and opposite reaction. You can see the exact, precise, and SCIENTIFIC nature of karma. Whatever you do has to be counterbalanced. If you did a ‘bad’ act, you will have a ‘bad’ act returned to you, unless you counteract it with a ‘good’ act (no such thing as good or bad, but we have to use these words). It's just action and reaction, with a time delay. The more clear and transparent you are, the more easily you can see your karma before you get spiked with it. And the easier you can transmute it before it materializes.

So, that’s pretty everything you need to know about the science of karma. You’ll also need to work with a specialist to understand the exact quality and nature of karma you are dealing with so you can counteract it with expertise.

I’m primarily working on Throat Chakra Karma and Self Expression. Intelligent and loving words placed in the right soil can have a multiplying effect and are actually one of the best ways to balance karma, because the Love Vaccine expands quickly in the minds of God’s Creatures and is passed along.

A critical point to keep in mind is that if you spread a Gossip virus, you are 100% responsible for how it spreads in terms of karmic return. The same is true for the Love/Light vaccine. So be very careful what you say to people. Now is not a good time to be racking up negative karma for yourself! There are multiple ways to approach karma and you can simply petition the karmic board for extra time/forgiveness to get your affairs in order.

Remember that your many Etheric support teams want you to succeed and are looking to give you all that you need with the least amount of friction. Suffering is not something to be put on a pedestal. Process the nonsense and integrate as needed, and move on. Don’t make a story out of it.

If you must make a story, place a positive spin on it. The Universe is unashamedly biased towards the positive, if Truth be told. It's just that a baseline level of progress is needed so that you can get to Unconditional Love, which is why karmic triggers are necessary. I mean, we've been trying to Enlighten humans for thousands of years, surely you see why collapse is absolutely and utterly necessary? Nothing else seems to work?

Pain and suffering make sense in this dimension in the context of learning to stop creating pain and suffering for yourself. Where lies the value of continually creating a cycle of pain and misery that you don’t learn from? The pointless cycle for many thousands of years on Earth - it makes sense on a higher level, but from an individual standpoint it's more intelligent to process, integrate, and adapt as quickly as you can. The entire point of suffering is to learn quickly from it. If you shadow bypass, the suffering will return.

Let’s move to Christ Consciousness as quickly as possible, using all tools at our disposal to get there quickly. The quicker we can leave the b****** behind, the better. If anything, Planet Earth (and probably your past lives/past actions) serve as templates for what not to do.

If you do not learn from these mistakes, you are doomed to repeat them. This is why disruptive events from higher levels are necessary for growth, when learning is refused by the ego mind.

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