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The Shadow Self in Nutrition: Why You Should Always Eat What You Want

Food is one of my favorite topics to talk about. Generally, the conversation surrounding food on this planet is incredibly myopic and one dimensional. It's basically a mixture of macronutrients and micronutrients to meet basic robohuman requirements. But this is just one ‘layer’ of a far more holistic and organic understanding of food. It’s obvious that the human species is not exactly ‘empowered’ when it comes to their choice of consumption. So we’re going to provide more templates of understanding, and examine another layer of the multifaceted area of nutrition.

One template for comprehension would be the Shadow Self, or simply the subconscious. How many millions of people have claimed that they are going to give up X for a time period of X? On first glance, it seems like quite a noble venture, and they are encouraged by others. A person might strive to give up sugar after Christmas for a period of 30 days.

The first thing that has to be noted is that every single one of them fails. Even the ones that make the 30 day mark. These ones will increase their sugar intake in the next month. The fact is that every single time you repress a desire, it bounces back in some format. If you give up sex for a few months, you’ll go on a splurge afterwards. Same goes for spending. Same goes for everything you can think of. The ‘thing’ is not important. You are repressing energy and striving to ‘be better’.

Every single time you consciously try to do something ‘good’, your shadow self will subconsciously try to do something ‘bad’. When you write down on a piece of paper what you intend to give up, your shadow self writes on etheric, imaginary paper what it intends to take on. See the counterbalancing effect here?

Alan Watts alluded to this existential crisis in different ways, the human being stuck with itself and not able to find integration. I know this is a little hard to stomach, but if you observe clearly, you’ll find it's undeniable. The real you does not deal in good or bad, just integration and balance. If you view something as good, then it needs to be balanced with a certain amount of bad. Whether you acknowledge this or not. Ever wonder why you seemed electro-magnetically drawn to food despite all of your statements and intentions to the contrary? Divine mathematics are at play here.

I’m going to tie in another extremely confused concept here. The New Age Community are enamored with the idea of eating light for the light body. It’s certainly an interesting theory. But it does not work in practice. The lightworking New Age Community, bless their angelic socks, do not understand dense body nutrition. They only want to deal with pure light, ignoring the shadow. The fact is that the majority of humans on earth need to get density from somewhere. We came from the light body. We're not supposed to escape back after all this time without bringing the 3D body with us.

Your lightbody needs a dense body to ground into.

So, you need to eat light, and eat dense? Yes. This is precisely what you must do. You obviously want to prefer light foods as much as possible, without ignoring the dense. 80:20 is a good balance, as put forward by Edgar Cayce.

Don’t feel bad for being physical or eating dense. You need to be firmly anchored so your head can soar. This might translate to intermittent fasting 16:8 with a 1 - 3 day fast once a month. With time, you will find that certain foods are no longer suitable to you. This is a natural and effortless upgrade that comes with spiritual evolution. It's not something you work at. It just happens. As an aside, a good meditation practice can help with your nutrition more than any dietary regime can.

The skill of this comes in when you’re able to fast, and then come back to dense foods and eat 100% free from shame. Most people do not have this kind of mental malleability. They either go Paleo (red meat a major concern right now) or vegan (completely moralistic of everybody else). This is known as polarization, where one side judges the other. The same way that the lightworking crew judge their shadow, thought its not bad at all. All it needs is observation.

Stay centered. Treat light and dark with equal respect. You can enjoy your food and know that its exactly what you need, guilt free.

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