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The Space Time Ego Triangle

Deconstructing 3D is blessedly simple. There are 3 illusory variables - space, time, and ego. You could even switch out ego with money, career, problems, or identity.

First, there is the illusion of time. Time cannot be found anywhere. It has no weight or attributes. It is something that we invented. Time can go “faster” or “slower” as it is experienced subjectively.

Second, there is the illusion of space. Space has no weight or attributes. It cannot be found anywhere. Even distance (1 km, 1 meter, 1 inch) is something we made up. Distance has been invented. And given that the earth is moving around the sun and rotating, in a solar system that is itself rotating, even distance is not static (everything is always at a different point in imaginary space).

So, given that these are both illusions, why have so few people awoken to this fact? The answer lies in the ego mind, along with some immature extraterrestrials that work diligently to ensure people are broadcast with fear 24/7.

In order for a soul to believe that space and time exist, they have to believe that there is a shortage/limitation of space or time. Individuals that operate from the lower chakras only appreciate things that are rare and scarce (enlightened individuals value nature's free gifts).

So, the media constantly projects fear/lack scarcity of resources so that the human is in a fear laden state. They then believe in a limitation of time and space, using the power of their minds to actively create this limitation because they remain unaware of the mind control faculties of the television.

The reason that ego/identity/problems/career/money can be said to form one point of the Triangle is because they are all interlinked. The individual needs to develop an identity/ego based on a career. A professional is somebody trained to solve a specific problem. The only perceived problem in existence is a lack of space and time, which are the only variables in the space time continuum.

The ego is something developed in response to a perceived problem. The Deep State/Shadow State stimulates these problems through the media. This reinforces the ego/fear-based consciousness.

This is why all spiritual practices are based on the elimination of psychological time and illusory space. The retreat is a withdrawal of the senses and a refocusing of attention away from illusory problems based on a perceived lack of time and space, the only variables within the space time continuum.

This is a perfect exposition of 3D existence. There is no need to make it more complicated. The NOW moment, 5D, can be entered into when there is a withdrawal of time and space consciousness, and a refusal to acknowledge problems which do not exist aside from the delusions of the mind.

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