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The Throat Chakra

Due to the limitations of language, there is a lot of miscommunication around the actual nature of the Chakras. Reading about them intellectually is not the same as understanding them intrinsically.

And words can be misleading. Both the Throat Chakra and the Solar Plexus might be associated with the word “Power”. They are also both commonly associated with the function of Metabolism. But it would be more accurate to say that the Solar Plexus Chakra is associated with Energy (like a Sun which indiscriminately sends solar waves in all directions) and the Throat Chakra is associated with Influence (which is more directed and specific in nature).

The throat is the external organ of communication. It is used to influence people via sound waves (the voice). Written words, including signatures, deeds, and documents, are also the domain of the throat chakra. The power of influence, speech, and land ownership are all associated with what we commonly understand as power, particularly in the Western world. After all, isn’t manipulating people to work for you their entire lives the penultimate sign of power?

Aside from commerce, governments manipulate entire populations into taking vaccine viruses that have killed millions of people, and meet the pre-agreed quotas to make companies like Pfizer rich. This is all done through sound vibrations from TV screens, along with written reports from paid scientists.

The continual online censorship is necessary to prevent people from speaking, because the planetary rulers know that it is through free speech and the accurate communication of ideas where true power lies.

Yet this manipulation is really the shadow side of the Throat Chakra. At the Divine/Siddhi level, the Throat Chakra is used to awaken the Divinity in others. The Throat Chakra is meant to be used to complement and praise people. You have a magical capability to influence others to their own Divinity or to the highest point that they are capable of reaching at a given time. The Throat Chakra becomes a conduit of universal and timeless truths and principles for the upliftment of humanity. There is no agenda or ulterior motive, just the use of the Throat Chakra tool to elevate human consciousness with a recognition of the interconnectedness of all things.

But before the Divine aspects of the Throat Chakra can be deployed, it's necessary to get it to a reasonable level of functioning. The planetary rulers have taken great care to manipulate human speech, which is identical to manipulating human thoughts. So it's necessary to practice speaking the truth in all circumstances and getting comfortable with your own speech (externalized thoughts) before exerting influence on others.

This also means that you will be telling people to go f*** off if they overstep their boundaries - its about communicating things that are true and protecting your space with words as much as it is about inspiring others.

Generally, the more uninhibited you are in your expressions, the stronger your throat chakra is. People don’t use it because they are afraid of social reprimands (social approval is still the no.1 motivating factor for humans, and this includes StarSeeds and Lightworkers).

Things that destroy your throat chakra

  • Spreading gossip (99% of human information is little more than gossip).

  • Speaking too much.

  • Not speaking at all because society is clueless and does not value Wisdom in an age of Liberalism, Transgenderism, Socialism, Feminism, technological warfare, etc.

  • Getting censored or feeling like you cannot communicate to people.

  • Agreeing with people for the sake of social convention.

  • Not living in alignment with your ideals.

  • Being ridiculed/shamed/oppressed for speaking your truth or living authentically.

Things that open your throat chakra

  • Communicating effectively and consistently - especially your feelings, to your loved ones.

  • Saying no to people regularly.

  • Always speaking the truth.

  • Silence.

  • Not speaking unless sure about something.

  • Singing and voice exercises.

  • Physical exercises like Yoga asanas that work on the throat area.

  • Any form of creative expression - dancing, music, yoga, art, Tai Chi, etc.

  • Listening meaningfully and deeply to another person; trying to understand them.

Staying silent when somebody you know is speaking nonsense is something of a Gray area, but particularly relevant in an era when people are wearing masks and consuming poisonous vaccines.

My general approach is location orientated. If they speak nonsense in my home, then I will state that I don’t agree with them and reiterate my position. If they want to be crazy in a public area, that’s on them (I can leave a public area and it’s a public domain. But the home is sacred, and if you don’t defend it, you’re setting a terrible precedent for further attacks).

In past lives, we were often hung for "speaking our truth". In a minor sense, you will feel constricted/breathless/suffocated if your Throat Chakra is not aligned, particularly if there is oppression preventing you from speaking.

This is hyper relevant as we were collectively oppressed from speaking the truth regarding the imaginary covid virus, which attacks the respiratory system. The whole thing is just a lie, non-truth, a twisting of the spoken word and the ultimate result is Throat Chakra blockage.

On the other hand, it's also a catalyst for a a major Collective Throat Chakra opening.

Additional Throat Chakra Information

  • Color: Light Blue/Aqua Aura/Turquoise

  • Number: 16

  • Element: Debatable and contextual. Eastern practitioners would say Ether. Westerners would say Sound.

  • Sense: Hearing

  • Higher Qualities: Authenticity, Purity, Truthfulness, Clarity, Influence, Idealism, Receptivity, Peace.

  • Blocks: Fear of rejection, criticism, indifference and injustice.

  • Karmic cycle: lack of speaking due to fear of social reprimands, along with the frustration of being misunderstood due to a failure to communicate.

  • To unblock the Throat Chakra you often need to look at the Solar Plexus Chakra. A blocked Solar Plexus often means lack of focus, motivation, integration, and will power. There is no underlying “energy” to be converted through the Throat Chakra funnel.

  • The Throat Chakra is associated with respiratory function and you might feel constricted if blocked.

  • It's basically associated with sound, communication, expression, and influence. The better you are at these, the more powerful your Throat Chakra will be.

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