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The USA - A Case Study in Collecting Dog Shit

As a Sirian StarSeed, I have always been very, very, very independent. I understood the basic laws of free will (libertarianism), that you are free to do as you wish, as long as you do not infringe on the laws of others. 

Yet problems arose, due to the fact that others did not know this basic principle. Moreover, they were unaware that there is a karmic system in place, and that one person is never responsible for the actions of another.

Instead, they seek to make the world a better place by controlling and manipulating other people into good behavior. It is the same for all physical inhabitants on all planets going through the evolutionary process. Give us your freedom, energy, and attention. It is necessary for your own protection and the greater good. 

In 2020, things started to come to a head. The COVID 1984 Propaganda Pandemic was well underway, and had hypnotized the minds of my friends and family. To stay with friends and family, they demanded COVID 1984 tests. This involved sticking a very long stick into the brain through the nostrils. I did it once, cursed myself for listening to humans, and vowed never to do it again. I should have known better. 

But what really served to crystallize my thoughts on the matter was the collection of Dog shit. The humans in the USA believe that it is perfectly rational and normal to collect Dog shit. And they invent lots of reasons to justify the humiliating action of being forced to collect the waste of the canine species.

It is tied into the socialist propaganda of ‘being a good citizen’. And the Live Sparks who understand that picking up Dog Shit is non-natural will get socially shamed. The same Live Sparks who refuse to wear ridiculous COVID masks or take chemical vaccinations for their ’health’. Nature takes care of natural humans. The only thing that nature humans have to fear is unnatural ones and their twisted ideas. 

And here, it gets weirder. While staying with my brother and his fiance in Portland, Maine, they actually wanted me to collect the Dog Shit of their Dog. How absolutely strange is that. And they viewed me as some sort of problem when I would not become a disposal unit. 

Think about how twisted that is for a minute. They take on a Dog, and expect other people to collect its shit. And most ‘Mainers’ would probably agree, because it has become socially acceptable within this area to treat a Canine as a higher class of citizen than a human. 

I mean, I don’t actually hold that against them - as long as your perception of a Dog does not violate my personal space or energy or some way, feel free. But when your perception necessitates my bodily integrity, that is where problems arise. Anybody who needs your behavior to change in order that they can maintain their energetic countenance/outlook/reality is acting in violation of their essential nature. In a nutshell, they are energetic parasites, but dress it up in all sorts of socialist waffle to justify their manipulative, controlling actions.

To make things even more interesting, is that my brother once recounted an absolutely hilarious story about a walk where one of his walking companions picked up the Dog Shit that she found on the road, and carried it for 3 hours. All in the name of being a good citizen. 

Thankfully, my brother is conscious enough to understand the bizareness of such actions. But, like most, fails to realize that collecting Dog Shit and collecting someone elses Dog shit and carrying it for 3 hours are truly not that far apart. For, as my Stoic friend Seneca states,

Natural desires are limited; those which spring from false opinions have nowhere to stop, for falsity has no point of termination.”

An action which is slightly insane will lead to one that is more insane, given time. For falsity, indeed, does not have any point of termination. Which is why people are now consenting to mass vaccinations, mass propaganda, mass education, mass flouridation, mass taxation, mass shutdowns, mass mask enforcement, and terrorism of various kinds. 

This is why I can't "just do it", as my friends and family suggest. I will no longer just "Go with the program", because the parasite program knows no point of termination. Which is why such cancers must be stopped in the early stages. No longer will I do something I intrinsically know to be false, based on subtle emotional manipulation from the outside. Seneca is correct, and illusion has no sense of constraint or proprietary. If I collected Dog Shit once, I would be collecting it forever.

There is no end to governmental and social intrusions until you actively step back and tell the zombies, in no uncertain terms, to go Fuck themselves. They will try to eat you, until you push back. Cancer does not stop until you make a positive shift in the other direction. Interestingly, its reality depends on YOUR ACTIONS to stay alive. Just like any socialist, ‘progressive’ economy. Produces nothing. Demands everything. Promises the Universe. Destroys the World.   

Needless to say, Dog Shit collection is not endorsed in countries such as Mexico, Thailand, Laos, India, and other areas where the tentacles of socialism have not infested. ‘Progressive’ countries are always the silliest, the least connected to common sense, practicality, and nature. They progress ever further from their own intrinsic nature towards a stew of beliefs prepared for them on a TV screen. 

And so, my act of refusing to collect Dog Shit has left a minor sense of strain in the household (though only minor, as I get on quite well with my brother and his fiance). And I can respect that every human being needs to harmonize with their environment to a degree. It is very difficult to maintain personal integrity and soul sovereignty in a typical human setting, which is built on silliness, illusion, conformity, mindlessness, interference, cowardice, and spinelessness. 

But as a StarSeed, that is exactly what I have to do. So I will continually point out the logical fallacies of collecting Dog Shit, taking vaccines, wearing masks, watching television, paying taxes, supporting healthcare, expecting others to conform to my beliefs, and all other illusion-based parasitic paradigms. 

From now on, the parasites have one less host to harvest, and their stock grows ever smaller.

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