The Value Of The Soul Purpose Reading

I recently undertook a soul purpose reading. And I can’t believe that I didn’t do one before. Basically, the soul purpose reading outlines why you actually came into physical incarnation. It’s ‘pretty useful’ stuff.

It will help put your existence into perspective. I should highlight and bold this 1000 times. The soul reading helps you to understand why you are here, in this realm. Right now.

It will also explain why you have not had success with certain practices or modalities. You might be here to give a particular gift to the world, and somewhere down the line you decided to become a kombucha salesperson ibn Hawaii.

There’s nothing wrong with Hawaii, Kombucha, or even salespeople. The question is whether or not that is what you’re here for. If you’re not 100% happy with the idea of kombucha, you’re in the wrong job.

Your soul purpose/mission will satisfy your deepest desire. Otherwise, we might as well all kill ourselves because God is a Heartless Thundercunt. That sounds a little bit harsh, but do you believe that the universe is full of bliss and love or guilt and sadness? The correct answer is the former, though this realm is focused on the latter. Which is what you’re here to change.

The soul purpose reading will reveal precisely what theories are applicable to you, what chakras are closed, what your karma is, what you need to work on, what your biggest challenges are, and much more. It sure beats learning a philosophy, meditation, or system that has no relevance to you whatsoever. Which is what many people actually do.

In the age of Golden Enlightenment that we are birthing forth, the children will be introduced to their God Presence and their reason for being. It won’t be some silly generic mish mash of random information that is given to everybody. It will be 100% customised and personalised.

Getting a soul reading from a really good practitioner is probably the smartest thing you can do.

You can spend the next 40 years flopping around like a forgotten fish or go ahead and give Gil a call for a soul purpose reading.

Thank me later :)

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