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The Wonderful Sheathes Of Ego

There’s a lot of misconceptions surrounding the words ‘mind’ and ‘ego’. When your awareness becomes expanded, it’s possible to get a sense of the bigger picture. There is nothing wrong with ego, it's something that is needed for individualism, creation, and survival. Everybody has an ego, but there are layers.

The more you are concerned with the protection of your synthetic image, the thicker the layer of ego (as you believe the fake image will protect you). You can see how most online activity is a prime example of this synthetic image, with emphasis on the likes and appreciation of others. In contrast, the more you are concerned with the welfare of others, the thinner the layer of ego. This is only possible with a strong sense of real self/higher self, as well as having done much personal inner work. Most politicians and others claiming to do planetary work are as superficial and ego-laden as they come, living purely on their public (fake) persona.

The concept is best divided into negative ego and positive ego, or negative ego and soul. Because it is possible to take action without being ego driven or, at least, by taking spirit-inspired activity. The issue is that the word is used in a binary sense instead of seeing the multiple sheathes or layers of ego.

It’s also useful to sense the underlying emotional energetics behind any activity than to look at the surface appearances. The entire political farce for the past 40 years has been the appearance of goodwill with underlying energetics of fear, chaos, and terror.

Being judgmental of ego is a huge mistake, even when it results in the most atrocious of actions. Individuals are working from automatic and subconscious impulses over which they have zero control. Think of a child that automatically wants something. These are electro-magnetic impulses, in the same way that people act differently on the full moon.

Such mindless activity stems from a deep, subconscious, elemental, electro-magnetic level. This is quite a difficult realm and we are not of us perfect (not on this level of awareness, completely governed by the subconscious). Let's all make the subconscious, conscious, and superconsciousness. To err is human, to correct, Divine.

The ego in its worst sense can be described as the repetition of actions over and over, that are redundant and actively harmful. Clear examples include the human medical, legal, financial, media complexes. But it is ubiquitous. The most obvious evidence is the ego defense mechanisms we all placed around ourselves in childhood that still govern us.

They are not wrong or bad. They are simply redundant. Even the very best of practices can become redundant when we have outgrown them, such as meditation, yoga or prayer. Otherwise, they need to be tailored and upgraded to match our evolution. Every action is merely tool. We want to become more aware of the driving forces behind our actions. The analogy is the skin of the caterpillar, highly necessary at one time but redundant when the butterfly emerges.

Ego is in many senses synonymous with mind and limitation. The mind is mainly a series of repeating defense patterns, with a pseudo image of self that needs to be protected for stability (again, this is perfectly healthy and natural). These layers protect us, but need to be removed when they have outgrown their use. The quicker you can adopt and shed layers, the quicker your expansion. How fast can you adapt? Can you have a Chameleon Ego? You can upgrade to the Magic Mind, the Higher Mind, that sees things from multiple perspectives, singular perspectives, and integrated perspectives.

Increases in Light/Information is a wonderful thing. It’s important to understand that the human mind has not been given any new information from the mainstream complexes for about 50 years. It’s the same information, repackaged. So the mind has never grown, but remains stuck in ego maintenance mode. This is true individually and collectively.

If the collective human mind was made aware that there were trillions of galactic civilizations in outer space waiting to connect, this would cause them to view differently their entire place in a micro and macro sense. Or what happened in their true history. This would have been tremendously beneficial information. Instead, they have been stuck repeating the same patterns over and over.

More money, more cars, more labels. More sickness and spiritual impoverishment. All done by limiting the amount of information available. We are currently undergoing a proliferation of Light on this planet which serves a vital purpose. Your growth will be very rapid if you are open to what is now available. Just be mindful of what you tune into. Be very selective of what kind of energetics you allow into your auric field.

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