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What is Defense Against the Dark Arts?

It sounds a little bit dramatic. But, rest assured, when you become aware of what the Dark Arts are, it won’t just sound dramatic. It will be a live horror show. It will blow your mind far more than any Harry Potter movie. Because, what has and is happening on (or within, to be more precise) this planet, is beyond sinister.

Defense Against the Dark Arts (‘DADA’) is not so much about fighting the Darkness. It is about awareness. This point cannot be highlighted enough. What you focus your attention on, grows. So we need to gently become aware of certain issues while then withdrawing consent in non-confrontational ways. We become aware of something, then let it go. And refocus on the positive once again.

It’s an extremely delicate art. A quick overview of DADA would involve switching off your TV and mainstream media, never paying taxes, never entering the disease reinforcement centers (i.e. hospitals), and not sending your children to school.

It’s not what you do that sets you free: it’s what you no longer continue to do, as you are the one and only creator of your reality. Because the Darkness only exists due of the unconscious support of the people, who pay taxes, go to school, and voluntarily enter the disease reinforcement industry. These are the very actions that support the Darkness, Deep State, the collective shadow, etc. They survive purely on erroneous thoughts.

To put it more bluntly, the belief of the people in false paradigms (the healthcare system, the taxation system, the education system, the marriage system, the mortgage system) is what enslaves them, and empower the 'elites' (another word would be parasites, and this is the term I'll be using moving forward).

Taxation is the biggest issue. The act of paying taxes every year (on the 15 April in the USA, near the start of the Lunar New Year) is a spell that the public has been convinced to cast upon themselves. The Dark Artists never do anything themselves. They has to be understood. They convince people to do it. That’s the whole point. They trick people in getting sick and paying for their own enslavement. Once the light is shone on their activities, people will simply stop casting the spell over themselves. It’s all about shining the light of awareness on the dark spots. And the good news is that it's already happening amidst the global awakening process.

So, the ‘Defense Against the Dark Arts’ component of this blog will be delving into some of the more ‘dramatic’ elements of how the forces of darkness operate. Remember not to get too entangled in what appears to be some very dense and dark material: just acknowledge and withdraw your consent gently.

Without your time, attention, money, energy, and lack of awareness, the Dark ones will die.

They have no power of their own.

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