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What is Writing?

It’s amazing how people can use a certain tool or process for an entire lifetime without seeing what is happening on a deeper level. The human body (mind, eyes, touch, taste) is a prime example.

With words, and the English language in particular, people use them but do not really see how the words are constructed or what they mean. This is changing now, and people are starting to deconstruct the underlying meanings of the words. A primary aim of this site is to use words constructively and in subtle ways so that the layers of illusion are gently unwrapped from the mess of mind towards the bliss of heart. 

The bastardization of the entire human population essentially takes place through words, starting at birth with the birth certificate and continuing with signed agreements throughout the lifetime of the human being. You sign a document to leave/enter a country. You sign a document to declare taxes. You sign loan and mortgage agreements. 

Words are a tool that have been used (primarily) to distort reality so that one human being is pitted against an other. Blue v Red, Black v White, Capitalism v Communism, the dualistic fight will go on and on until it is left behind by an enlightened mind. 

Observe how the divine wording of the Constitution of the United States of America was distorted so that it quickly morphed into the current United Corporation of America, where states and the population are (using legal language) the property of a few select owners. All done through consent and pieces of paper. 

Letters are glyphs, or pieces of sacred geometry. Each individual letter has its own distinct frequency. The way that letters and sentences are arranged on a page will determine how it sinks into the human psyche and ultimately, how it affects their energy fields.  

Words can serve to in spire and propel people to new levels. Provided, of course, that such material is read often. They say the quickest path to enlightenment is the reading of a holy text over and over until it permeates the inner most being of the reader. 

Which is why the United Corporation of America ensures that you only pay attention to its media propaganda, 24/7, on your mobile devices, in hotel lobbies, in Starbucks, and TV screens across the globe. You are not allowed to think except in certain paradigms transmitted to you by the television. The Blue v Red paradigm was not an organic flowering but a carefully orchestrated program inserted into the minds of the human race through television, the great brainwashing tool.

Before looking at the letters and words, it is more useful to look at structure, context, and environment. The English language is read from left to right only. For decades, the Western mind has become used to this kind of information storage and retrieval process. It affects how these people think. The Chinese language is read from left to right, right to left, top to bottom, and bottom to top. As a result, their minds tend to have a more fluid information retrieval system. 

Yet increased mental intelligence is of no value if you have the wrong assumptions or listen to the mass media. It merely means you have the capacity to do greater harm to yourself and the wider environment. 

The bottom line is that words are powerful. Set aside a time each day to read some empowering material, preferably with a physical book. Or write something real.

Because as a man reads/writes, so he is.

Choose your words carefully. 

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