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Who’s Fucked Now, Anu?

I had dealt with inferiority issues for decades. No matter what I achieved in the human realm, I was just a lowly third dimensional. My rational mind could only remember 5 items at a time. I only had 5 senses, none of them property developed. Constantly depressed, never being able to sleep, massive social anxiety, digestive issues. For as long as I can remember. 

I had enough awareness to understand that I came from some place far different, and that I was a Shadow of my former self. For the first 25 years of my existence, it was nothing except pain, shame, humiliation, and misery. Not only was I third dimensional, I was dealing with a pretty nasty sacral chakra implant that was very ‘physical’ in nature. 

To put all of this in 3D terms, I was Fucked. And I knew it. 

I had to wait to be activated and until that day, my mantra was “sludge, and densify”. Literally. It was a slimy, snail like existence. 

When I turned 25 (5 years ago), I had a major spiritual awakening. But empowering as it was in many ways, I was still suffering from some internal inconsistencies. No matter how well my guides told me I was doing, that I was highly connected, on the right path, that this was was final spin on the incarnational wheel, I knew that on many levels it was still bullshit. Because I had tasted actualization.

Doing well by 3D standards is like doing well playing Super Mario or Call of Duty. Nothing wrong with it, but real life (5D and up) was still outside of my reach. I did not have the capability to lie to myself like so many of the other Terrestrial inhabitants. 

And yet, my hard feelings were not without a happier ending in sight. I have become far more empowered. Particularly empowered, as of 30 minutes ago. I always viewed by higher selves as superior in every way - while I was still in this 3D hell whole masquerading as a human creature. 

But my higher selves need ME. I am the one doing all of the physical integration work. And the Annunaki, mental and metal masters though they may be, are on the verge of extinction. Unless they play ball, they are on the way out. Which gives me no small amount of satisfaction. 

All of this time, I thought that the Annunaki were above me, like all beings outside the Matrix. The fact was that everybody in Matrix has incredibly limited power. That was the whole point of Matrix, to be in limitation. But are regards the Annunaki, they are non-compassionate. They do not possess the skillsets of compassion, love, or empathy. In other words, they are basically the morons of the universe! They are far too weak to survive in human suits. They could not do it.

It’s quite an inversion, but the Annunaki are like infants. They know nothing of the heart chakra are are afraid of the type of love needed for universal ascension. I used to believe that anything above 3D was automatically superior by virtue of the fact that they were outside the 3D sewer. I still don't doubt that they are far cleanlier. Their mental bodies are billions of times more power full than my own.

Yet in terms of soul evolution, these guys are not well placed, to put it lightly. They hate the human species and have an intense fear of the ascension process that is taking place across the universe. They have to turn to Light and Love, or become extinct. 

Basically, the work is over. We have won, the Annunaki have lost. It might not be the most comprehensive analysis of the history of this universe, but it’s a happy enough snapshot for me at this juncture in time. 

They put all of their energy and effort into the development of their mental bodies (at the expense of other forms of development) and they have to give some of that mental juice to us humans to balance some of their karma.

Sure, at the 'higher' level, it is some sort of grand play for the good of all. But from my equally valid dualistic perspective, they are completely screwed due to their own poor decisions.

For now, I'm going to enjoy my position and leave them to stew in a broth of their own making. Sometimes, karma is simply wonderful.

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