Why Sun Sign Astrology Crushes Moon Sign Astrology

The more I delve into the zodiac, the more evidence I find of the accuracy of the Western, Tropical, approach as opposed to other systems, most notably the sidereal zodiac. And this is coming from somebody who is quite enamoured with old school systems and staying true to the originals. Specifically, what I’m finding is that the position of the Sun Sign is way more important than any of the other signs. In fact, it's more important than all the others combined.

I’m not technically sure which system is more accurate for denoting the positions of the planets. But I am sure that the Sun sign is the most relevant. Think about it. The Sun, a giant star, being of ‘little importance’ (according to Vedic/sidereal astrology).

The Sun is literally the soul of who you are. The rest is pretty much how that energy is filtered out to appear in the 3D hologram. How could the Moon, a satellite, be more important that the Sun, a star?

Perhaps because people are fascinated with the mysterious and abstract. Unfortunately, this one serves no benefit, because it's just a lie. The Sun sign will reveal a lot about who a person really is. My dominant clairsense is clairsentience. I’m a feeler. Going by my Moon sign of Gemini, this would more likely be clairvoyance. Even in the Astral realms, I feel my way around. It’s just the way I am. More of a vibrational feeler than a thoughtful thinker.

You can tell a lot about a person by their sun sign, and very little by the position of other signs, which modulate the influence of the dominant sun sign. The Ascendant, an imaginary point on the horizon, is useful for the physical body and how you appear to others. It's the personality self, the false self. The ego, in recent vernacular (in older times, the words ego and soul were synonymous).

Meaning it is the illusion you appear to be to other people whilst bearing no resemblance to the actual vibrational reality you need to tune into if you want to navigate through life. Why make a study of illusion? That is what prioritizing the moon sign or the ascendant really is. I’m pretty confident that a sungazer would be far more powerful than a moongazer, all things remaining equal. Basic conclusions are that:

  1. Conceptually, the idea that the moon sign is more relevant than the sun sign is ludicrous.

  2. Experientially, I have found that the influence of the sun sign has been far more prevalent in my activities.

  3. Experientially, I have found that the influence of the sun sign has been far more prevalent in other people.

The same applies for the ascendant. Obviously, there is way more going on here and millions of permutations. But all things remaining equal, the Sun is the most powerful sign, and the one to pay attention to.

It’s who you are in this incarnation. The rest is salad dressing.

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