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You Are a Mandala

You might hear some spiritual teachings which indicate that certain souls actually go on to become sacred geometries in the higher dimensions. This can be hard to grapple with from the 3D human perspective. But it can make a lot more sense when you come at it from a different angle.

First, I want to outline what a mandala or a piece of sacred geometry really is. When you gaze at these objects, you start to notice something. The first thing that you notice is that the layers of the mandala change depending on:

  1. The perspective with which you look at it.

  2. The length of time you look at it for.

There are different layers to the mandala. In the exact same sense, there are layers to existence/reality. The idea is to enlarge your perspective so you can see the different layers/angles of the mandala. The more perspectives you can adopt, the better. You can shift perspectives to see any given phenomenon from a different angle. The takeaway is that as you change (your perspective) the world (mandala) changes. You see things as you are.

And so, you, yourself, are a mandala. When the Arcturians, Sirians, Angelics, etc, look at you, they see the many different layers. They will see the 12 layers of the auric field, light language encodings, your DNA, blockages, etc.

All of your past and future life history is stored within your auric field. But they only see as far as their only consciousness, even though they are extremely advanced. Nobody sees beyond their level of awareness. You see/decode the world as you are. You see/decode the mandala as you are.

Of course, in the 3D reality, it’s not like any human person has the skill to truly see who you are. As a Starseed/Old Soul/Lightworker, you’re looking for love in all the wrong places. Humans don't have the range of awareness to see the truth. Their level of awareness is centered around money and labels. So, unless you have a certificate of a pile of money, you don't get respect, love or appreciation. This is an immensely limiting perspective and what every person on the planet needs to break out of. It's a mental prison. They decode the mandala only at the very surface layer.

It is impossible to see beyond your own level of consciousness. So when others in this realm look at you, they will only see a reflection of their own limited understanding, at best. If you met somebody more at your level, you would get more respect and appreciation. Not that this is the goal or of any relevance, as we’re not about seeking validation from other people. But birds of a feather (similar perspective), flock together. And rightly so.

Like a Mandala, you are multifaceted and multilayered. You’re not a static creature. The problem is that most humans adopt the same perspective which is incredibly one dimensional, based around a fictional character, a very limited persona. They always ask you job first, and take note of gender, appearance, religion, dietary preferences, and martial status. These are the basic primitive identifiers, and are of the least importance to those who are spiritually developed.

There is nothing wrong with having a single persona/singular perspective. But you need to expand to different perspectives so you can choose which persona to adopt, instead of being trapped within it, cycle after cycle.

This, is true empowerment, linked to an increase in awareness through embracing multiple perspectives.

Welcome to 5D!

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