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The following literature has been carefully selected. It is among the highest literature available at the current time and can be read and re-read year after year. While some might suggest that reading a large variety of literature is more conducive to growth, you actually want to read high-quality literature of a Christed/Buddhic/Krishna nature over and over again, for a variety of reasons. Ideas take a long time to seep in, even with encoded light language and ascended master assistance. So the books below will reinforce certain concepts over and over again, but in a slight different manner. 

You can also tie in specific practices with the literature recommended below. For instance, Transcendental Meditation is a scientifically proven technique with a host of benefits. It serves to take you to the source of your being without the subject/object confusion in a very direct manner. This is precisely what Jesus is referring to in the Christ Letters. Source of Being/I AM presence/Unmanifested/Absolute are all loosely interchangeable terms. And so, you have a perfect technique that is ideally suited to a wide variety of literature.  

The reason that some books are 'cumped' together is that they have a very similar or coherent message. All books are high vibration with many multidimensional triggers, but have different angles and core energetics. To save time, you can simple read the Christ Letters over and over. It contains practically everything needed for the New Earth and is a fast track pass to Christ Consciousness. but you do need to read it over and over as well as meditate continually, asking Jesus to guide you towards enlightenment. 

  • The Christ Letters - Jesus The Christ 2017

  • The Science of Being And Art Of Living - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

  • The Infinite Helix And the Emerald Flame - Magenta Pixie

  • Masters Of The Matrix - Magenta Pixie

  • The Divine Architecture And The StarSeed Template - Magenta Pixie

  • The Gnosis And The Law - Tellis S. Papastavro

  • The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind - Joseph Murphy

  • 99 Inversions - Rinzalzaphone

  • Mental Martial Arts :A Fluid Framework for Rock Solid Thought - Rinzalzaphone

  • Absolute Ethics: The Foundation Of Freedom - Rinzalzaphone

  • The Enoch Keys - JJ Hurtak

  • Oversoul Teachings - JJ Hurtak

  • Mahatma 1 and 2 - Brian Scott

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