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These Research Papers are more direct in how they approach the Truth. Usually, when speaking the Truth, it has to be said in poems and fairytales, as it would otherwise invoke a very sharp ego response. For instance, the fact that tax money paid by civilians goes towards war and murder is not well received by the ego, which likes to pretend that everything is perfect. So the majority of literature on this planet alludes to the fact that those in charge might not have your 'best interests' at heart.


You might have noticed this 'theme' in practically every single piece of literature and every single movie. It has to be this way for a reason. However, the plain truth can also be very useful for more swift advances in consciousness, though it does contain some turbulence in the meantime. When confronted with such truths, it's important to remember that you have gigantic support teams available and it is understood that this is a difficult and confusing realm. Nobody gets an easy time here on Planet Earth. Just keep moving towards the Truth and spiraling upwards. 


These Research Papers outline Truth from an Institutional Angle, the angle of governance. Obviously, it is the quality of our thoughts and emotions that is causing all of this mess, and EVERYTHING NEGATIVE stems from the inability to think and feel harmoniously. It does not matter if you are right or wrong. All that matters is how you feel, because this is your energetic reality. If you are angry at somebody because of xyz, xyz is irrelevant. You have an anger poison in the body. 

  1. The Epistles Of Rinzalzaphone

  2. The Galactic Love Light Power Concept Paper

  3. Rinzalzaphone Research Paper #1 - From Left To Right To Center

  4. Rinzalzaphone Research Paper #2 - 

  5. Rinzalzaphone Research Paper #3 - 

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