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Why Read Galactic Literature?

Books are really important. A book consists of a series of sentences. Which are solidified thoughts. The thoughts come in a certain ‘package’ and have a certain frequency. With time, you imbibe the frequency of the books. Which is why the reading of holy texts over and over is said to be one of the quickest paths to enlightenment. As you read, so you are. Because reading affects your thoughts more powerfully than anything else, with the possible exception of video content. 


Many people spend about 3 or 4 hours a day reading. What they read reinforces their level of reality back to them in subtle ways. All of the language used is dualistic. Practically everything read in the 3D realm relates to the increase of wealth, efficiency, or health, in a very limited fashion.


All of this online 'advice' subtly reinforces false paradigms, such as the notion that you are going to get sick or old and need a pill, government, or outside influence to save you. It fails to reinforce the obvious facts of reincarnation, soul evolution, creation, and interconnectedness. 


If you keep reading 3D dualistic material, you will stay trapped within the universe you automatically create with your thoughts. The entire universe is created by your thoughts. Everything you see right now is essentially created by your own thought fabric. On subtle levels beyond our comprehension, we are manifesting everything. And a lot of it starts with what people read, everyday. So pay attention to what you are reading. If you read the right books, it will accelerate your Ascension process. 


It does take time for certain concepts to really sink into the human psyche, until a point where such concepts can become actualized. If you have attended the Western education system, every single day certain ideologies were enforced into your mind. Getting rid of such belief systems often takes years. 


Galactic Texts continually reinforces certain facts:


  1. You are a Divine Soul. 

  2. You manifest your own realty. 

  3. There is no reality outside of the one you construct. 

  4. You are a beloved jewel of consciousness. 

  5. You have lives thousands of past lives here and on other planets. 

  6. All souls have incalculable value to the cosmos.   

  7. There is only ONE. 

  8. ALL IS ONE.


You might feel you understand these intellectually. But wait for these to really permeate all of your bodies. By starting off on this higher place you can really start to construct your own reality with as much focus as constructing a sandwich or creating a wall. 


All of the Books on this site are interconnected and reinforce key themes of sovereignty and empowerment. They are diverse enough in nature for you to not be bored. It’s a really ’good’ idea to read them all, priced as affordably as they are. 


Otherwise, there are some spectacular Golden Age authors out there spreading new ideas.


You’re not short of choice - just be mindful of what you read. 


It makes a difference. 

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